“I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve never been properly fitted for a bra in my life (I’m about to celebrate my 50th birthday). I got tired of wasting money on expensive bras that just never fit right. I’m a large woman and was so nervous that I would walk into the boutique and be told that they didn’t have anything that would fit me. BOY WAS I WRONG! Upon entering the store I was greeted by a very friendly young lady. While I waited for the fitter (for only a few short minutes) I looked around and discovered the boutique to be very charming. Dawn, my fitter, greeted me as if I was the most important customer in the world. She took me in a room, told me to lift the girls up and proceeded to measure me from behind and said she would be right back with some selections. I thought to myself…she’s gonna bring the wrong size and this will have been a wasted trip. WRONG AGAIN! Every single bra she brought in fit me perfectly! She explained how to wear a bra properly, how to adjust the girls in the bra, how to take care of my new bras, what style to wear with particular types of clothing and so much more. I actually got a bra education. I should also say that Dawn was very professional and I felt completely comfortable with her…this is so important when your girls are swinging in the breeze in front of a stranger and that stranger is helping you stuff them into these contraptions (which I’m convinced were invented by a man) BUT I DIGRESS… It wasn’t until I was checking out that I learned I had been wearing bras that were 2 to 3 sizes too small on me and that all 5 of the bras I was purchasing were all different sizes. It just goes to show that what Dawn said was true… You should never buy a bra without trying it on because different manufacturers offer different fits. I actually wore one of the bras out of the store and I was so happy to have the girls back up where they belong that I was in tears as I hugged Dawn and left the store. Then today I got a hand written card from Dawn. Nobody does that anymore! Talk about feeling that my business is appreciated!! I highly highly highly recommend the store!!! I can’t wait to bring all of my friends and my own daughter to be properly fitted and hopefully to walk out of the store feeling is happy and wonderful as I did.”
-Kimberly H.

“I can’t begin to explain what an amazing experience we all had at your bra-fitting event. From the moment I first spoke with you over the phone, I knew you were the perfect person to host this unique experience for us. Your sweet and caring presence made it possible for all of our girls to feel comfortable in a situation that might typically cause some fear. I appreciate your help with planning the event before, and making everything so nice for us on the actual day…”
—Susan English, Excursion Coordinator
Xplorer Girls

“Wonderful help, advice, and assistance today from Dawn. Relaxed atmosphere, not at all intimidating to walk into the shop. I had been putting off buying proper bras for a while. Properly measured, expertly assisted in finding the right fit, style and comfort level. Won’t wear uncomfortable, worn, ill fitting bras any longer. Thank you so much. I’ll be back for sure!”
— Julie W.

“Stopped in today on a mission to buy quality garments and get a proper fit. I typically buy from your big box stores, but not anymore!! Lisa was super and very helpful. I will definitely be back as I have now found my new favorite store for undergarments. If you haven’t visited this store, You Must!! You won’t be disappointed.”
— Kristin Y.

“FINALLY a bra that fits perfectly! Yesterday was my first time ever coming here and I LOVED it! Dawn is so awesome. Great customer service, she was very helpful and sweet! Bra shopping can be dreadful but she made it so easy. I’ll be back again soon!  ”
— Samia K.

“Having had multiple friends that bravely fought breast cancer, this is where their expertise really hits home. Dawn was super comforting and extremely casual when helping with mastectomy fittings. The confidence she is able to reestablish with her expertise and products still bring a tear to my eye when looking back at what started as an uncomfortable trip to “try” and find a bra. The end result was a heartwarming experience that not only helped my friends confidence, but also their positive outlook on the future after having a mastectomy. Thank you Dawn, words can not describe how your professionalism helps soo many!”
— Aaron P.

“I had a professional fitting done (definitely not like some of those other fittings I’ve had!) with Lisa and I cannot tell you how great the experience was! I loved how knowledgeable she was, helpful and how she really believes in the product she’s selling. It’s really nice to get one one one attention when purchasing such an investment. I would highly recommend Elegance Underneath!”
-Natalie N.

”I was nervous, because I’ve never had a fitting before, but the ladies at Elegance Underneath put me right at ease. The whole experience was so pleasant and professional. I will definitely be recommending them and will never go anywhere else for bras!”
-Ashley D.

”I’ve shopped here multiple times and absolutely love the store. The ladies are extremely knowledgeable about their products. I also love the fact they keep track of the items you’ve bought previously so if you loved it then they can reorder it. I’ve done this the last time I went in. I actually have moved away but when I do go to Chicago I stop in and restock my lingerie. I’d rather shop here than Victoria Secret because I think their merchandise is a lot better quality and fits so much better.”
-Erin C.

”I have had a professional fitting before and I have to say that the experience was anything but pleasant. Not so at EU. Dawn was wonderful and the result was a permanent customer who is extolling the virtues of this shoppe. I LOVE the bras I purchased. Thank you, Dawn!!”
– Sue A.

”I’d never had a professional fitting before! There were places that touted a “professional fitting” but no way!! I’m appreciative of your staff’s time and dedication it took to find me just the right fit. We must’ve gone through 30-40 different styles and sizes. I live in central Illinois, but I will be buying my lingerie in your boutique from now on. Thank you, thank you so much.”
– Nancie Brown