Bra Facts

  • 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size
  • There should be 4-6 bras in your wardrobe that are alternated daily
  • Wear a bra one day, give it a day of rest, wear it again, and then wash.  Never wear a bra two consecutive days so the elasticity will bounce back into shape.
  • Wash your bras in a lingerie bag, in the washing machine on gentle/hand wash cycle, and using a LYE FREE detergent.
  • Contour cup bras need to be kept flat, don’t invert one cup into the other.
  • Wearing a white or ivory colored bra will show the outline under a white or lightly colored shirt.
  • Any shade of nude (even as dark as taupe), or red will be neutral under a white or lightly colored shirt.
  • When buying shapeware, don’t get a smaller size thinking it will hold you in tighter, the material will bunch up or roll on you.