A Perfect Fit

Published in Living Single Magazine, April 2011

When Dawn Kaleta had the chance to move from the Gift Department to the Lingerie Department of a large department store, she jumped at the chance. What she didn’t know was that she would have to learn how to measure women for bras, understand the sizing for each of the brands carried by the store, and understand the differences in bra styles and materials.  However, the more she learned, and the more she was able to help women find their perfect fit, the happier she was. She knew that she had found her passion. In fact, while at that store, she was ranked #6 out of 1,500+ employees. Several years later, when the opportunity presented itself, she decided to take a leap and open her own store.

Today, Elegance Underneath in Naperville, Illinois is the first stop for discerning women, who want not only the perfect style, but the perfect fit. In fact, Dawn knows that a well-fitting bra is the baseline of a woman’s wardrobe, and slipping into the right one will make every outfit look elegant. Dawn says, “I like the fact that I can make someone look taller and thinner just by giving her a better-fitting bra.” Dawn’s store overflows with a variety of upscale brands and styles of bras, camisoles, lingerie and sleepwear.

Dawn prides herself on being able to fit even the most difficult sizes.  If she doesn’t carry the right size, she will find it and order it. Her mission is to provide women of all ages and body styles with lingerie in a caring, upscale, professional environment. She offers personal and private fittings and education about her merchandise.

Dawn’s skills include measuring and sizing customers and selecting lingerie that accommodates each person’s body shape and structure.  She effectively and caringly addresses the special needs of prosthetic customers and has recently won the designation as a Certified Fitter by the American Board of Certification for Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics and is an accredited Medicare Provider.

Elegance Underneath services the needs of prosthetic clients by offering free bra pocketing and providing information to local doctors’ offices and mammography centers. Dawn also helps women who have had implants. Often, a woman will have a mastectomy and an implant and then lose or gain weight. The cosmetic appearance is then compromised and the woman may look lopsided. Dawn has the products and training that allow her to even out the appearance of the bust line – either by adding to the implanted breast or the normal breast, restoring symmetry.  For women affected by mastectomies or other breast problems having the right prosthetics restores a positive body image, renewing their confidence and self-esteem.

Dawn proudly carries Amoena products. Amoena is an industry leader, combining technology with style, offering innovative breast care products of the highest quality and design. They provide and extensive product line of bras, swimwear and breast symmetry products. Dawn regularly participates in training by Amoena, and stays current on new products and materials to accurately fit her customers.

Dawn demonstrates her commitment to excellence and supreme customer services by capturing information about her customers, including their sizes and the styles they are most attracted to. This is useful information when she goes on buying trips to stock her store. Something her customers appreciate. Her customers also appreciate the hand-written notes Dawn sends after each purchase. For Dawn Kaleta, owning Elegance underneath truly is a “perfect fit.”